Jensen, Jared, Jake – and Ruth! Supernatural DCCon Sunday


Hey fandom, need a little pick me up? I thought it might be a good time to post Sunday at DCCon photos and memories, as we head into the last run of episodes and the season finale. (See previous post for Friday and Saturday).

The boys were right on time for the morning Gold Panel, looking delicious, which I’m sure shocked absolutely no one. Jared’s scarf. Jensen’s cardigan. Mmmm. DC’s beautiful cherry blossoms got nothin’ on these two.

Jared came onstage and held up his hands in the shape of a heart as he looked out over the crowd.

jared heart

Jared: Welcome to our big dysfunctional family.

Jensen: Speak for yourself. I’m very functional. Especially in the morning.



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Happy Spring! Supernatural DCCon Friday and Saturday


The first half of con season in the US closes with DCCon in the midst of cherry blossoms and spring-like weather (closely followed by the season filming wrap). After the boys get a little bit of well deserved hiatus rest (and most likely grow some hiatus beards), the European con season will kick off. Never a dull moment in Supernatural fandom – we seriously are the luckiest of all fandoms!

DCCon was a bit smaller and more intimate, with all the con activities taking place on the same level, literally right as you walk in the door to the hotel. I had my partner in crime with me, and since Kathy lives outside DC, we didn’t stay at the con hotel to save money. That meant every time there was a break in the action, we raced over to the one restaurant and grabbed some outlets to recharge our phones and iPads. That meant we drank more wine than usual too. As you do.

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Reunited And It Feels So Good: Supernatural DCCon

Comic Con and DCCon 2015 673

Last weekend marked the end of one sort of Supernatural hiatus – the US Creation convention one! Not counting Comic Con, the last Creation con in the states was way back in March, so I was one of the people bouncing with excitement to reunite with the cast and with lots and lots of fangirls and fanboys. Driving to a con is a rarity for us, and so is staying at Kathy’s house instead of a hotel, so it was also a con with lots of catching up conversation (only a portion of which touched on Jensen’s sexy bowlegs or Jared’s luscious hair or Misha’s pretty blue eyes. Honest, only a portion.)

There were lots of acafans at this con too, so there was also plenty of spirited debate about canon and fanon and what a ‘text’ (including our favorite tv show) actually is and who gets to decide that. In between all that conversation, there were spectacular martinis, some truly enjoyable cast interviews, a Periscope with Chad Lindberg during which he tried to explain to us what Periscope was while connecting with fans literally all over the world, and so much laughter my stomach ached – some of that was from guest panels and some from our fellow fans. In other words, it was a great con!

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Supernatural’s Kim Rhodes Gets Flustered by Jared and Jensen, Loves the SPNFamily, and Basically Wins the Internet

vegas and dccon 395

In honor of Kim Rhodes’ birthday today, we’re sharing a lovely chat we had with Kim over lunch at the recent Creation convention in Washington D.C., shortly after she had returned to Supernatural for the Robert Berens’ penned episode, “Alex Annie Alexis Anne.” Much like our previous chats with Kim, the conversation went from serious to silly and back again, and we left feeling inspired. Kim has a way of doing that, doesn’t she?

Before we asked Kim about her filming of the recent episode and were treated to some inside scoop on both her character and costars Jared and Jensen’s naughty antics, we asked about the fundraiser for her daughter’s school that Supernatural fans had helped with.

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Jensen Ackles at Supernatural DC Con

jensen standing

We’re still having con letdown 24 hours after returning from the Creation Supernatural convention in Washington D.C. (actually Arlington, Virginia, but close enough) – it was a freaking fantastic con! One of the best ones we’ve been to. We’ll write up more coverage when we can catch our breath, but for now, a few con highlights.

One was having a chance for not one, not two, but THREE fangirl dinners (and some excellent fanboy chats too) – all of them filled with spirited discussion about SPN, where Season 9 is headed and whether we’ll all survive it. There’s nothing better than a table full of fans analyzing the smallest moments, debating their significance, sharing intricate theories, challenging and validating each other’s thinky thoughts. It’s exhilarating!

Also exhilarating (in more ways than one, only some of them cognitive…) was Jensen’s meet and greet. As always, no notes allowed, but here are a few tidbits, and my own questions and Jensen’s answers.

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