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Jared, Jensen and Misha at an Emotional Minncon (with J and J Meet and Greet Tidbits)

August 26, 2015

j2 ja reaches for jp

All Supernatural conventions are emotional; it’s been that way from the beginning for me, because I’m so emotional about this Show and this fandom. Over the years, that’s only become more true. Not just for me, but for all of us – for the fans whose lives have been changed or even saved by an unlikely little show on the CW, and for the actors who make the show and have been interacting with the fandom for the past decade. It’s amazing, unprecedented. I’m writing a new book about it, with chapters written by those fans and those actors, so maybe I’m primed to be even more emotional than usual. But I think anyone who was at Minncon would agree that emotions were running high all weekend.

j2 serious

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A Newbie Goes to Con

August 2, 2015

Comic Con and DCCon 2015 709

By: Guest blogger Brigid Laurie

When your packing list includes “tube of fake blood” you know you’re going to have a good time.

Creation’s DCcon was my first fan convention of any sort. I had never been to a Comic-Con, a Wizard World, another show convention – anything like that. I have to admit, I wasn’t really well versed in how many Supernatural cons there are until about a year ago. I live in the Washington DC area and we only had our first con last year. Last year it simply wasn’t feasible for me to attend. But that gave me over a year to plan for DCcon 2015. And for all my planning, real life still managed to interfere. But overall, that didn’t matter. In fact, it might’ve worked out for the best. Let’s make that stone number one and build on it.

So, that said, allow me to be your guide to being the new kid at the con. Learn from my mistakes, and take notes on the things I did right. I’m not going to recap the panels. I’ve seen videos from DCcon online already, so that information is out there if you need it. What I really want to share with you is the first time con experience.

I’m sure many con goers did what I did. The con went on sale and I immediately bought the package I wanted. In my case, that was the Copper package. It offered admission to everything except the Sunday morning Gold Panel, but no extras. Then, like a fool, I googled SPN cons only to find an amazing array of stories ranging from blissful to horrifying. Of course, I got stuck on horrifying and thought, “Non-refundable ticket… what have I done?”

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Reunited And It Feels So Good: Supernatural DCCon

July 29, 2015

Comic Con and DCCon 2015 673

Last weekend marked the end of one sort of Supernatural hiatus – the US Creation convention one! Not counting Comic Con, the last Creation con in the states was way back in March, so I was one of the people bouncing with excitement to reunite with the cast and with lots and lots of fangirls and fanboys. Driving to a con is a rarity for us, and so is staying at Kathy’s house instead of a hotel, so it was also a con with lots of catching up conversation (only a portion of which touched on Jensen’s sexy bowlegs or Jared’s luscious hair or Misha’s pretty blue eyes. Honest, only a portion.)

There were lots of acafans at this con too, so there was also plenty of spirited debate about canon and fanon and what a ‘text’ (including our favorite tv show) actually is and who gets to decide that. In between all that conversation, there were spectacular martinis, some truly enjoyable cast interviews, a Periscope with Chad Lindberg during which he tried to explain to us what Periscope was while connecting with fans literally all over the world, and so much laughter my stomach ached – some of that was from guest panels and some from our fellow fans. In other words, it was a great con!

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Fangasm Revisited –Supernatural at Comic Con 2015!

July 17, 2015

comic con 2015 watermarked 017

July 2008…

“Turn here, turn here!”


“Right there, right there, ohmygod you’re gonna miss it!”

Kathy yanked the wheel of our rented PT Cruiser sharply to the right, tires screeching as we drove way too fast through the unfamiliar streets of San Diego. Lynn scowled from the passenger seat, clutching the door handle as the car barely held the turn. In the back seat, Sabrina wisely stayed silent, hoping we’d make it to our destination in one piece.

At 4 am, the massive glass and concrete convention center up ahead was still a dark outline against the sky. We lurched into a spot in the deserted underground parking garage. Easy! We were feeling confident that we’d be first in line as we hurried up three flights of stairs and onto the darkened sidewalk, repeating our mantra of “please let us be the first ones here, please let us be the first ones here.” It was too early for the trolley, too early for the traffic and crowds that would soon clog the streets. We threaded our way through the previous day’s debris – discarded flyers for new television shows, promo cards in the shape of coffins, souvenir buttons, colorful miniposters for upcoming films. Geek garbage.

Our instincts told us that three women in an unfamiliar city at 4 am should be careful, but we silenced the pesky little voice of reason. If we’d had good judgment, we wouldn’t have been in California at all. None of us had the excess money or time to fly 3000 miles across the country, and we knew we were going to pay for it in all sorts of ways. But not right now.

“We did it,” Sabrina whispered to Kathy. Even Lynn –never a morning person let alone a 4 am person – started to smile. Then we turned the corner. Our self congratulatory grins faded. There was already a line.

Welcome to Comic Con

–from Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls

That’s the beginning of ‘Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls’. Our story – our wild and crazy roadtrip through fandom – started at Comic Con. Last week, I returned again to the place it all began. Because there’s nothing like Comic Con. It’s insane and hectic and at times so crowded that you can’t see more than a foot in front of you (or anything other than the back of the very tall man in the Darth Vader costume who’s walking in front of you).

comic con floor

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Curtis Armstrong Talks Supernatural, Making Sense of Metatron, and Making Misha Break!

July 4, 2015


What a pleasure it was to catch up with Curtis Armstrong, especially after his last two episodes of Supernatural Season 10 (Inside Man and The Book of the Damned). Actually it’s always a pleasure, but this time I was particularly excited, because those episodes had so many delicious scenes for his alter ego, Metatron. Metatron has been confusing this season, sometimes seeming to really try to connect with our heroes (especially Cas, when Metatron became unexpectedly human for the first time) and other times being the scheming bad guy we’ve come to know. Metatron’s machinations figure importantly in the season’s ongoing arc of Castiel trying to regain his grace, and the Show leaves things up in the air as to what will happen in Season 11, now that Metatron has taken off with the demon tablet. If anyone understands the mind of Metatron, it’s the actor who so brilliantly portrays him.

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Ruth Connell On Playing A Strong Female Character (and Having a Blast) on Supernatural

June 28, 2015

ruth connell dark dynasty

One of the highlights of my week (in addition to the momentous court decision and the rainbow of celebration that all my social media feeds became) was chatting with Ruth Connell, Supernatural’s enigmatic witch Rowena. I was already a passionate fan of the character, but now I’m equally enamored of the woman who portrays her. An hour of conversation with Ruth is made extra pleasant by the fact that her lilting accent is just plain gorgeous. I’m pretty sure I could listen to her talk for an alarmingly long time, just sitting there nodding and grinning. Luckily, Ruth is too engaging for a one-sided conversation.

Also, as is always the case in Supernatural, it’s a small world.

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How The Hillywood Show Got It Right: the Supernatural Parody!

June 12, 2015

hillywood dean

Like everyone else in the Supernatural fandom (and cast), I loved The Hillywood Show’s brilliant parody of our beloved Show – mostly because they got it so very right. It’s not that easy to create a parody of a show with a passionate fandom; as fans, we notice everything. Get it wrong, and we’ll call you out on it in a microsecond. But get it right, and we’ll shower you with gratitude. I couldn’t wait to talk to the Hillywood girls, Hannah and Hilly Hindi, to find out how they managed to do just that.

Lynn: I’m so excited to talk to you, I absolutely loved the Supernatural parody! I’ve been a fan of this Show for nine years and this is one of the best things EVER. Congrats!

Hilly: Ohmygod, thank you, that’s a lot coming from you!

Lynn: Pretty sure I’ve watched it about a million times. I notice that many of your parodies are of shows or films that are fan favorites, like Lord of the Rings or The Walking Dead or Doctor Who – or of course Supernatural. Do you pick things that you know have passionate fan bases, or do you pick things that you are fans of yourself?

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