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Supernatural’s Shoshannah Stern On Playing A Badass — And Fun with Jared and Jensen!

February 8, 2016


As soon as “Into The Mystic” finished airing, I immediately tweeted my congratulations to amazing guest stars Dee Wallace and Shoshannah Stern, who – along with Jared, Jensen, Misha and writer Robbie Thompson – made this episode both emotional and hysterical. And also important. This season is giving us some nuanced, deftly drawn female characters, including Mildred and Eileen. So I was thrilled to have the chance to ask Shoshannah Stern about her experience on the Supernatural set and playing Eileen.

Lynn: How were you cast on the show?

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We Didn’t Forget About Wayward Daughters – and Neither Did Supernatural

February 5, 2016

11.12 girls

Drive by review, since I have managed to injure my back and typing this just plain hurts. Ouch!

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s episode, ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’, which came with a lot of expectations thanks to the pent up frustration of Supernatural fans wanting more of the Wayward Daughters. Social media amped up a campaign to get that trending, which worked quite well, and I think pretty much everyone cheered to have Jody Mills back on Show. Supernatural has long been criticized by some for killing off too many women or not writing them with enough agency, but I think the Show has come a long way. This episode wasn’t perfect, but it was an episode focused on three women written by a woman and there were some scenes that will go down in Show history as favorites. I’d call that a win.

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Finding Hope and Home – Supernatural ‘Into The Mystic’

January 30, 2016

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.24.22

This week’s Supernatural episode, Into The Mystic (I love when Show remembers its roots and uses song titles) was one of those episodes that didn’t grab me at the very beginning and not let me catch a breath the entire time. Instead, it was a slow build, culminating in an ending scene that left me grabbing for the tissues and grinning like a fool simultaneously. Just the way I like it, Show.

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Jaxcon Sunday with Jared and Jensen – Is It Hot In Here?

January 26, 2016


Post number three from Jaxcon, phew! I’ve got an embarrassment of riches with such beautiful photos to share thanks to Kim and Christina. I’m also in an emotional mood about Show, thinking about the anniversary of Kim Manners’ death, and the impact he had on the Show. Kim had such a profound influence, and in some ways, he set up the tone of the set which continues to today. He helped bond them all together, so in a sense, it was Kim who is partly responsible for that sense of SPNFamily that the cast and crew and fandom all feel.

Yesterday Eric Kripke, who’s responsible for this amazing show, tweeted in support of Sera Gamble’s new show, The Magicians, reminding us all that the SPNFamily supports each other. Add that to the cast’s tweets about Kim, and I’ve been feeling more emotional about Show than usual. In a good way.

That sense of closeness was very evident at Jaxcon. It was the first con of the year, and both fans and guests hadn’t seen each other in far too long. This is a cast that is demonstrative in their affection for each other, which makes the entire con feel warm and fuzzy and just plain good. You can see it in the photo ops, whether it’s Richard, Rob and Matt or Jared or Jensen and Misha or Kim and Katherine or any combination of cast and fans.

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Jaxcon Friday and Saturday!

January 25, 2016


We’re currently snowed in with a blizzard blustering all around the house, which makes me even more nostalgic for Jaxcon last weekend – where it was a balmy 65 degrees and I spent most of the weekend either being entertained by the Best.Cast.Ever or hanging out with fangirls. So, to warm me up, here are some memories and photos from Jaxcon.

I was lucky enough to have the super talented Kim Prior there to take pictures, which explains why so many of these are gorgeous (and also makes the ones that were taken on my phone look even more dodgy, but oh well – I love my reliable little Galaxy!) I was doubly lucky to have the pleasure of meeting Christina, who also shot some fabulous photos and generously offered them to Fangasm. Hopefully this will warm all of you up too (apologies to my Aussie friends, who need cooling down instead – alas, this won’t help…)

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Supernatural Returns with a Bang! But The Devil’s In The Details

January 23, 2016

11.11 luci taunts sam

Wow. Supernatural came back from Hellatus with a vengeance, didn’t it? There’s always a special energy for the season premiere and finale episodes, of course, but the mid season premiere is also hotly anticipated by a fandom who has been starved for Show for months. This episode, by Andrew Dabb, came crashing into my living room like a bulldozer, and didn’t let up throughout the entire 42 minutes. In fact, so much happened that my head was spinning by the time we were halfway through – some of it awesome and some of it gutting.

In other words, Supernatural.

The Road So Far was definitely part of the awesome. Both the appropriate song choice and the montage, which amped my excitement up even further. Good job, Show!

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Jared and Jensen at Jaxcon – Supernatural Cons Kick Off 2016!

January 21, 2016



The Supernatural Creation con circuit kicked off 2016 with a first time visit to Jacksonville, which turned out to be an awesome con! The Hyatt Regency won me over almost immediately by a) being right on the river, which was beautiful and b) proving themselves almost as big Supernatural fans as most of their guests were. Not only was Supernatural playing on TNT at the bar and the restaurant, but they had a gif of all the Supernatural title cards projected on the lobby floor! How cool is that??

It was a short walk to restaurants and I spent a lot of time hanging out with fangirls and conjecturing about what the second half of Season 11 will likely bring (with a mix of nervous anticipation, hand wringing trepidation, squeeful joy, and academic musings – as several of us study Supernatural as well as fangirl it). In fact, quite a few students from UNF’s Supernatural course were in attendance, much to the incredulity of all the guests.

Jensen: There’s a COLLEGE COURSE about Supernatural??? Of course there is!

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