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It – He – They’re Back! Supernatural ‘Don’t Call Me Shurley’

May 6, 2016

11.20 12

I’m in the middle of a family vacation, so this is a one-time viewing review. Forgive me if I mess up details – and feel free to correct me! I’m writing from the heart (which, let’s face it, is usually a large part of what motivates my writing about this Show anyway).

I loved this episode. It’s another one of those episodes that split the fandom, though I think there were more people on the squee side than the OMG NO side this time. I will admit right up front that at first I was skeptical. I’ve been skeptical ever since we’ve pretty much known that Chuck was back and he was going to be God. Kripke carefully didn’t “go there” because seriously, that is one BIG risk for a show to take. As soon as this episode began and Chuck revealed himself to Metatron, I got nervous. Oh boy, here we go – Show is really truly going there. I might have bitten my fingernails a bit.

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Love the Kickass Women of Supernatural?

May 2, 2016
Rachel Miner as Meg

Rachel Miner as Meg

Nicky Aycox as Meg

Nicky Aycox as Meg

Here’s your chance to get to know some of them!

One of the most wonderful things about the SPN Family is that it is, in significant part, a community of women. Fangirls! Over the years, we’ve all wanted Supernatural to include female characters who are as kickass, nuanced and real as the male leads we all know and love. And over the years, the Show has given us some incredible female characters – played by some incredibly talented actresses. There are often calls for more women guests at cons – and one con coming up definitely delivers.

The Ladies of SPN Convention, being held in the Seattle Washington area in two weeks, is a con of ALL SPN women. The actresses who portrayed 12 of the amazing female characters on Supernatural are all coming together for a weekend of meeting fans and interacting on a level that’s not usually possible at a larger con. This con is billed as something different – a chance to have real conversation about the Show we all love, with a lot less hierarchy and a lot more interaction. The actresses are all excited to meet the fandom – so if you’re in the Seattle area, come by the Best Western Alderwood and have some fun! This is a unique chance to really talk to some of the cast who make Supernatural great — and no doubt to hear alot of behind the scenes stories of working with Jared, Jensen and Misha too.

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Love, Loss and Protective Big Brothers – Supernatural ‘The Chitters’

April 30, 2016

11.19 9 woods impala

It’s always interesting to me when reaction to a Supernatural episode isn’t unanimous. In my little corner of the internet, the vast majority of fans were squeeful about ‘The Chitters’. I wasn’t expecting to love it – the preview made it seem like a MotW episode, which are sometimes awesome and sometimes so so. But from the very first frame, I ended up leaning in toward my television, literally on the edge of my seat. Not because it was a bite-your-fingernails-and-tear-your-heart-out-simultaneously roller coaster ride like ‘Red Meat’, but because I was invested in the characters I was watching. And I don’t just mean Sam and Dean.

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Jensen, Jared, Jake – and Ruth! Supernatural DCCon Sunday

April 25, 2016


Hey fandom, need a little pick me up? I thought it might be a good time to post Sunday at DCCon photos and memories, as we head into the last run of episodes and the season finale. (See previous post for Friday and Saturday).

The boys were right on time for the morning Gold Panel, looking delicious, which I’m sure shocked absolutely no one. Jared’s scarf. Jensen’s cardigan. Mmmm. DC’s beautiful cherry blossoms got nothin’ on these two.

Jared came onstage and held up his hands in the shape of a heart as he looked out over the crowd.

jared heart

Jared: Welcome to our big dysfunctional family.

Jensen: Speak for yourself. I’m very functional. Especially in the morning.



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Happy Spring! Supernatural DCCon Friday and Saturday

April 23, 2016


The first half of con season in the US closes with DCCon in the midst of cherry blossoms and spring-like weather (closely followed by the season filming wrap). After the boys get a little bit of well deserved hiatus rest (and most likely grow some hiatus beards), the European con season will kick off. Never a dull moment in Supernatural fandom – we seriously are the luckiest of all fandoms!

DCCon was a bit smaller and more intimate, with all the con activities taking place on the same level, literally right as you walk in the door to the hotel. I had my partner in crime with me, and since Kathy lives outside DC, we didn’t stay at the con hotel to save money. That meant every time there was a break in the action, we raced over to the one restaurant and grabbed some outlets to recharge our phones and iPads. That meant we drank more wine than usual too. As you do.

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Seacon Sunday with Jared and Jensen

April 14, 2016



Richard and the band kicked off Sunday with Richard suggesting J2 as the sacrament we should feast on in the Church of Dick and nobody complaining about that idea. We can all just #blamethemusk after all.

He wasn’t wrong. Sometimes Sunday really does feel like we’re feasting — not just on the obvious, though the boys were looking mighty fine. But also on all the fun and good feelings that a Jared and Jensen panel always brings. They so enjoy each other’s company and interacting with the fans that I end up feeling thoroughly satisfied. It is like a feast, but something that fills up your heart instead of your tummy. Forgive me, I’m feeling a little sappy — no new SPN tonight, and I’m missing the boys. So I thought I’d try to catch up a little and post some pretty.

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Seacon 2016 – Friday and Saturday Highlights

April 11, 2016


Seacon started off appropriately – for an SPN con, that is. Richard came out in a shirt featuring a red cock – a rooster, people! Which set the stage for lots of talk about worshipping at the #HolyChurchOfDick. In honor of Seattle, he sang rules and regulations as Kurt Cobain and spent a lot of time ‘warning’ us about how dirty this con was likely to be. Pretty sure no one ran for the hills. Maybe grabbed their cameras.

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