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Jensen Ackles Meet and Greet Tidbits from SeaCon – Are You Ready for the Rest of S10??

April 1, 2015

ja smile crop

More from SeaCon and VegasCon soon, but for now, some excerpts from the meet and greet with Jensen Ackles. Not verbatim, just from recollection, and certainly not a complete transcript – but some highlights from what was a great meet and greet.

Jensen immediately got right to the point of what’s on all our minds – the season finale that will be here all too soon. Mostly because he was really excited about it, which was nice to see. (After all these years, they are as excited about this Show as ever — then again, so are we!)

Jensen said they’re filming out of order so they can accommodate Felicia Day’s busy schedule (he busted on her in an entirely big brother sort of way, which was all kinds of heartwarming). It’s clear that Jensen is very excited about the finale – he even said that for the first time, he’s thinking about calling Jeremy Carver and saying wow, great episode. Jensen then joked “For the first time…. What a jerk I am!”

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Paint It Gray – Supernatural 10.16

March 26, 2015


I know it was called ‘Paint it Black’, but this episode felt more gray than anything. There were some things I liked very much, and others that left me scratching my head.

I’m always jarred by the episodes that bounce back and forth between story lines, and this one gave me a bit of whiplash. Every time we returned from a commercial I didn’t know if we’d be following Crowley and Rowena or Sam and Dean. I enjoy Crowley and Rowena (and enjoyed her snarky showdown with Teryl Rothery, especially the creative hamster ending). I liked realizing that Olivette was talking about the Men of Letters before the reveal, and I liked that it ties the Crowley and Rowena storyline back into the Winchesters’ directly. (And oh how I loved Rowena’s exasperated “Perpetually the Winchesters.”) Story of my life, Ruth Connell!

I’m still fascinated by the complicated relationship between Crowley and Rowena, and Mark Sheppard and Ruth Connell continue to knock it out of the park whenever they’re onscreen together. Watching two essentially evil manipulative characters interact and trying to figure out if they give a damn about each other or are just experiencing a twisted pride at each other’s feats of badness is intriguing. We got a few more tidbits of information here – Interesting that the grand coven held it against Rowena that she had Crowley. Is that why she resented him so much? Or why she abandoned him?

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The Weight: Sam and Dean and The Things They Carried

March 22, 2015

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‘The Things They Carried’ didn’t make me cry, which was a bit of a relief after some of the tissue-decimating episodes this season. It did, however, make me put aside the delicious slice of pie I had ready for the occasion – who can eat when there’s that level of disgusting on the screen? Jenny Klein, you’re the new queen of EWWW. You know, that version of horror that has you screaming and gagging at the same time? EWWW.

The episode felt a lot like old school SPN, which used to make me do both of those regularly, and I enjoyed the roller coaster feel of those parts. It had a compelling MotW – not the non-Kahn worm [snort] itself, but the hapless people infected with it. It was impossible not to root for poor Kit when his wife was so in love with him and he had clearly been heroic before becoming infected (much like a certain Winchester we know, also recently ‘infected’ with something awful). That parallel was nicely done and not dropped on our heads with a giant anvil, so kudos for that Jenny.

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Meet and Greet Tidbits: Jensen and Jared at VegasCon 2015

March 20, 2015

j2 brek smile2

VegasCon has been special from the beginning – a whole extra day, the first con to have a ‘house band’ in Louden Swain, the only con that takes place in a casino hotel with about five miles of hallways between the guest rooms and the convention center. But this year’s VegasCon needed a new adjective. Special just doesn’t cut it. We’ll have much more on the con and the Saturday Night Special that was off the charts, but for now, some tidbits from the Jensen meet and greet (and a few Jared meet & greet tidbits from our friend Lorri).

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Interview With The Fangirl – Fan Fiction’s Joy Regullano

March 8, 2015
Joy Regullano and Katie Sarife with Jared and Jensen

Joy Regullano and Katie Sarife with Jared and Jensen

Anyone who reads this blog probably remembers that my head exploded from excitement after watching Supernatural’s 200th episode, Fan Fiction. I loved it that much. So it was a thrill to have a chance to chat with one of the smart and snarky fangirls from that episode, Joy Regullano, who played Maeve. I was wearing my #Supernatural tee shirt; it seemed appropriate for a fangirl interview.

Joy: I love your shirt!

Lynn: That’s my homage to Robbie Thompson, who’s always reminding me to hashtag my tweets.

(Thompson, you will recall, also wrote ‘Fan Fiction’.) Appropriate shirt is appropriate.

We pondered the restaurant menu for a while and made small talk. Joy turned out to be as smart as her alter ego. She went to Berkeley and double majored in theater and Southeast Asian studies.

Lynn: Wow! Though you seem to be doing pretty well with the acting. Are you going to stick to it?

Luckily the answer was yes. We spent a few minutes chatting about our respective careers and went on a significant tangent for a passionate discussion of the ups and downs of American higher education.

Joy: It’s cool that you get to do research on fans.

Lynn: It is pretty cool. I feel really lucky that they let me do research on the psychology of being a fan.

Joy: That’s pretty important work though.

Lynn: [laughing] I think so! And speaking of fans, I loved the way ‘Fan Fiction’ represented fangirls – not at all condescending. And then you and Katie and the other actresses just embodied these characters. They are smart, strong women, and true fangirls. And you were hysterically funny – you can say a lot with just one expression. Did you know it would be an important episode?

Joy: No, not really. Phil [Sgriccia], the director, sent us a few episodes to watch – like eight full episodes.

Lynn: Oh cool, which ones? Were they the meta episodes, about fandom?

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Leonard Nimoy and the Legacy of Fandom

February 27, 2015


The loss of Leonard Nimoy has hit the world hard today – a talented actor, director, writer, and humanitarian. For those of us in fandom, the loss feels personal, which may be hard to understand for someone on the ‘outside’. Even fans who weren’t born when the original Star Trek zoomed onto our (tiny) television screens in gloriously limited special effects feel the void left by his passing. Nimoy, and Star Trek, were so pivotal to the beginnings of fandom as we know it, that it’s difficult to quantify the depth of his contribution to this vibrant thing we call ‘fandom’ or how much the universe feels darker without him in it.

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We Will Always End Up Here – Supernatural’s ‘The Executioner’s Song’

February 20, 2015


I’m so torn. Do I gush first about the writing of this episode that laid the groundwork for so many powerful scenes? Or the brilliant cinematography and direction and set dec and visual effects? Or do I marvel at the acting performances of ALL of the main players, who collectively blew me away and kept me so sucked in that I was holding my breath for most of the second half of the episode?

Not a bad dilemma to face on a Friday morning. I think I’ll gush about all of the above.

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