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It’s #JaredLoveDay! Ten Reasons We Love Jared Padalecki

September 27, 2014
Photo by Jeni Berry for Fangasm

Photo by Jeni Berry for Fangasm

It’s #JaredLoveDay on Twitter and Tumblr — we couldn’t contain our respect, appreciation and affection for Mr. Padalecki in 140 characters, so we thought we’d post here instead. And share a few of the reasons why we think he’s special. These are my personal reasons — we have no doubt you all have your own!

Keep in mind we’re counting up to #1 here, starting at the bottom of our Top Ten Reasons We Love Jared Padalecki list.

#10. He’s nice to look at.

Sure, he’s gorgeous – that’s indisputable. There are entire memes dedicated to his flowing locks (and ones dedicated to his chiseled abs and those lovely hipbones too). Even Saxx Underwear knows a good thing when it sees one, and tries to recruit him as a model every time he puts his hands over his head onstage at a con.

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As Excited About Supernatural Season 10 As I Am! Jensen Ackles at DallasCon

September 23, 2014
Photo by Jeni Berry for Fangasm

Photo by Jeni Berry for Fangasm

Photo by Jeni Berry for Fangasm

Photo by Jeni Berry for Fangasm

It’s hard to believe there’s anyone anywhere who’s more excited about Supernatural Season 10 than me. But this past weekend at DallasCon I found lots of fans who could match me for hyper-ventilating, anticipatory squeeing, hand-wringing, bouncing excitement – and I have to admit, Jensen Ackles might give me a run for my money too. Which, needless to say, just made me MORE excited!

I’ve been struck with Jensen’s palpable enthusiasm for playing DemonDean for a while, but he seems to be equally excited about the rest of the season and Dean’s arc too. His energy – and Jared’s – has been so positive since last season ended, and especially since filming has begun. They’re both clearly enjoying using Twitter to put fandom into paroxysms of glee as they tweet photos during the Show’s 200th episode of Sam and Dean “where they belong” or of the two of them hanging out while we all celebrated the Show’s tenth anniversary. Season 10 seems to be agreeing with them both.

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Osric Chau on his Emotional Last Scene as Kevin – and the Perils of Wrestling with Jared

September 19, 2014


We were extremely excited to see Kevin mentioned on the S10 sneak peek promo with a big question mark, and to hear Bob Singer tease that maybe he’d be back – because we love both the character and the talented actor who plays him. We sat down to chat with Osric Chau over dinner at VanCon, and invited photographer Karen Cooke to join us and snap some photos (Karen’s beautiful photos are featured in Fan Phenomena: Supernatural too).

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Taking the East Coast by Storm: Jared, Jensen and Misha at NJCon

September 10, 2014

NJ Con 2 105

After the 12 hour flight to VanCon a few weeks ago, we were ecstatic to be able to actually DRIVE to NJCon – and the East Coast was ecstatic to have a con to call their own. Jared always asks how many people are con virgins and we’re always blown away by the hands that go up and the screams of joy that accompany them. There haven’t been many Supernatural cons on the East coast, so a whole new group of fans were treated to the awesomeness that is the SPN cast at a con.

The success of a convention depends on every guest there, and on the ability of Emcee Richard Speight Jr. and house band Louden Swain to keep the energy level up, and they came through with flying colors at NJCon. But the con’s success also rides heavily on the shoulders of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins (and some very fine shoulders they are…) All three were in fine form this con, and I do mean that in every way possible.

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Richard Speight, Jr. – On Gabriel’s Return to Supernatural, Ad-Libbing with Misha Collins, and Lots of Cons!

September 5, 2014

richard s

It happens to be the birthday of one of our favorite people in the world – and not just in the Supernatural world – Richard Speight, Jr. Richard is one of the first people we interviewed for Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls. We’ve had some of our most insightful and intellectually stimulating talks with him, often at the end of a convention when we all want to process and relax with a beer. Richard wrote a chapter for our new book, Fan Phenomena: Supernatural, sharing his unique point of view on the Supernatural conventions which have become a big part of his life over the past eight years. He turned around karaoke to make it the awesome party it is now, and when he became the emcee for a con weekend, the energy level at cons went up – and stayed there.

[Richard Speight, Jr., in Fan Phenomena: Supernatural, on not being famous: “And yet for the past four years, somewhere between five and fifteen times a year, I make grown women shake and young girls squee (and maybe a couple of guys get sweaty palms). Why? Because I’m a regular guest at conventions for the CW show Supernatural. Am I one of the show’s stars? Nope. A strong supporting character? Not even close. I appeared in a measly four episodes, playing first The Trickster who (spoiler alert!) later revealed himself to be the Archangel Gabriel. Four, total. On a show that has clocked over a hundred episodes and counting. Yet according to the web, I’ve so far been a featured guest at thirty-three conventions. That’s an unbalanced ratio that leads to an obvious question - Why?”]

At the time Richard wrote that chapter, Gabriel had been gone from the Show for three years. That all changed in Season 9, when he (and Richard) returned to the Show for the episode “Meta Fiction.” What was it like, we wondered, to return to the Show after all this time?

Lynn: That was the first time you worked with Misha, right?

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Making History at Supernatural’s VanCon

September 1, 2014
Best Cast Ever

Best Cast Ever

I’ve spent the week happily immersed in VanCon photos and reports and vids, like most of the Supernatural fandom, musing about why VanCon feels so special. Of course every occasion that fans have to get together is special, because we don’t often get to be with our SPN Family face to face. VanCon gives me lots of other fans to squee about Show with, to share my anticipation for S10, and to hash out what we did and didn’t like about S9 (and the eight seasons before that too). And then VanCon does other cons one better by giving me not only the actors but some of Supernatural’s writers and crew – which makes it pretty much the enactment of the reciprocal relationship we’ve written about in all our books. My week in Vancouver was all about those relationships – fans and fans, fans and actors, actors and actors, with some crew members and writers to round out the reciprocity. Relationships are what make we humans happiest, so I guess it’s not surprising that I’m still smiling.

VanCon coincided with the beginning of filming Supernatural’s 200th episode, which seemed entirely fitting. We contributed to some 200th episode gifts for the cast and crew, along with many other fans. Another group of fans arranged for a banner to be flown over the set congratulating the cast and crew on reaching such an important milestone.

The occasion made me think. When we first started researching Supernatural back in 2007, the Show was on the verge of cancellation at the end of every season, with fans rallying with postcard campaigns and network pleas and then crossing our fingers until the renewal was announced and we could finally breathe again. Nobody – not even the fandom – would have believed that we’d see 10 seasons and 200 episodes. But here we are, and going stronger than ever!

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Supernatural VanCon 2014!

August 27, 2014

j2 smiles best

The first con of the new season is always special as fans make the pilgrimage to Vancouver, basically a Supernatural fan’s Mecca. Many of us haven’t seen each other in a long time – reunions happen about every ten seconds at VanCon, with squeals of happiness and enthusiastic hugs and, if you’re lucky, a chance to grab a drink and catch up with someone else who fans the Show just like you do. I cherished the opportunity to meet so many people who I chat with online in person – and relished every fangirl hug. I wish I’d had about a hundred more hours so I could have done even more catching up!

And it’s not just the fans. There’s an energy to VanCon that’s different from other cons – an almost manic energy, because it’s been so long since the fans and the cast have been face to face. At this point, eight years of conventions behind them, the actors seem almost as excited to see the fans again as we are (most definitely) excited to see them. We’ve been enduring what seems like an endless Hellatus, but now the Show is filming again, which leaves fandom bursting with curiosity and anticipation – and makes for some excellent questions. The series regulars are quite good at knowing just what they can and can’t answer, so it also makes for some excellent responses. No real spoilers, but plenty of tantalizing hints. If it’s possible (and I didn’t think it was), I’m even MORE excited about Season 10 now!

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