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199 And Counting – Supernatural’s Paper Moon

October 30, 2014

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As this week’s Supernatural episode ended, I found myself very emotional. Not just from the episode, though the last line hit me hard, but from the realization that I had just watched the 199th episode of the show that changed my life. In two weeks, we’ll all celebrate the amazing milestone of the 200th, hopefully with cast and crew joining in the online celebration. When we fell in love with Supernatural and decided this would be the show we’d research and write books about, we thought we’d be lucky if it stayed on the air another year. That was 2007. Here we are, with 2014 almost done, and the Little Show That Could is still going strong. Forgive me if I needed a few extra tissues.

I really enjoyed this episode. The story line played out in a linear fashion instead of jumping around, and the pace was even throughout. And oh how I loved the interaction between the brothers. I’ll wax poetic over that in a minute. Most amazing thing about this episode? My daughter and I agreed. On everything. Is the moon blue instead of paper??

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But I Want More! Supernatural 10.03 Soul Survivor

October 23, 2014


There was a lot riding on episode 3 of Season 10, Soul Survivor. Jensen Ackles was directing, so everyone’s anticipation was high. On the other hand, some of the episodes by these writers are not my favorites, so I was wary. And, woman of little willpower that I am when it comes to this Show, I was once again a little bit spoiled – particularly for the scene where a tied down Dean tries every trick in the book to hurt his brother. Ouch. Maybe it was merciful that I was prepared, since it still hit me hard enough to make me nauseous hearing Dean say those hurtful things to Sam.

I’m not sure I’ve ever loved Sam more than when he refused to fall for it. When he plunged that needle into his brother and countered “This is me yanking your lame ass out of the fire,” I shivered. When he looked back over his shoulder and said, “You’re welcome,” I think I gasped. And then tweeted in capslock THAT’S RIGHT SAMMY!!!

Damn. How so hot, Mr. Padalecki?

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Welcome to the Family – A Chat with Supernatural’s Gil McKinney

October 20, 2014

gil 10

I had the pleasure of chatting with Gil McKinney recently – and was it ever a pleasure! Gil, who plays Henry Winchester (Sam and Dean’s grandfather) on Supernatural, is one of the newer additions to the conventions, but he’s already become an integral part of the experience, and part of the SPN Family. (In fact, at his very first convention, right after his singing knocked our socks off, Kathy and I looked at each other and said oh yes, he needs to stay!)

Gil started off by asking questions instead of answering, which is always the way we like it. He also gave an impromptu private piano concert in between photo shots. Which is definitely the way I’d like all our interviews to go.

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How Far Will We Go To Love a Monster? Supernatural’s ‘Reichenbach’

October 17, 2014
Graphic by @izulec1992

Graphic by @izulec1992

At first I was tempted to just make this review a capslocked EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! That’s exactly how I felt after watching ‘Reichenbach’, not exactly coherent but filled with an intense desire to scream from the rooftops that our Show is the BEST Show and always will be. I’m sure my neighbors would have loved that. It’s Friday now and I’ve calmed down enough to be slightly more articulate and to think a little more coherently, though all of that inarticulate squee is still very much there.

By the way, what’s your guess on this episode’s title? I’d like to think it was for the philosopher Hans Reichenbach, who apparently was one of the first professors to encourage open discussion and debate (the way most of us who teach do now). Is the title an invitation to fandom to engage in some free-spirited discussion and debate about what’s really going on in Supernatural this season? I like to think so. Of course it apparently could also just be evidence that Andrew Dabb is a Sherlock (or possibly a SuperWhoLock) fan.

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Feeling the SPNFamily Love – TorCon 2014!

October 16, 2014


It’s Tuesday night as I’m writing this, and I’m so wired with excitement after watching the new episode of Supernatural, that I figured I’d put the energy to good use and post my convention thoughts. Then I can concentrate on a review of Reichenbach. Though I’m thinking that might just be a gigantic SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OMG that episode was amazing! And after a wonderful weekend at TorCon, I’m feeling very lucky to have fallen for this Show and to be a part of this special SPN Family.

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Back in ‘Black’ – Supernatural Season 10!

October 10, 2014

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There was so much anticipation leading up to the start of Season 10 (10!), that it’s almost hard to believe I didn’t feel let down by the premiere this week. The night before, the CW did something it’s never done for SPN – ran an hour long special ‘retrospective’, looking back over the past nine years of Supernatural. The special was an emotional and heartfelt tribute, not just to the Show, but to the fans who have kept the Show on the air for ten seasons. Seeing Eric Kripke back in the SPN Family was enough to make me reach for the tissues – add to that Rob Benedict’s narration, the voice of Chuck himself, and I needed multiple boxes. Before the airing, fandom made sure that writer and S6 and 7 showrunner Sera Gamble wasn’t left out, tweeting about favorite Sera-penned episodes and her lasting contribution to the Show with the hashtag #thankyousera. (We may have let her know that was happening after the fact, and she may have said thank you.) Throughout the special, the cast talked about what they owe to the fandom, with clear appreciation and respect. Mark Sheppard commented that he wasn’t so sure about people who aren’t passionate about something (which is pretty much the plot of Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls) and fanworks even appeared in the special itself. So we went into Tuesday night already at a fever pitch of excitement and full of love for Show.

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Supernatural S10 is Almost Here!

October 6, 2014

bday 21

Well SPNFamily, the wait is almost over. Hellatus always seems endless and then suddenly it’s about to end and I’m not sure I’m ready! There’s more anticipation for Season 10 than I’ve felt in a while, from both the actors and the fans, and it’s building to a fever pitch right now. Kudos to the CW for giving us a Supernatural retrospective tomorrow night, which is certain to amp up the anticipation even more. It’s a good thing it’s fall break at my university for the next few days, because I’m pretty sure my excitement would have precluded any sort of coherent teaching anyway.

We thought we’d share some thoughts and some favorite moments from the last Supernatural convention in Dallas as we wait for the season to officially kick off. Moments that remind us why we’re still head over heels in love with this Show and immeasurably grateful for this diverse, passionate, sometimes-argumentative-but-tremendously-supportive fandom.

My favorite thing from DallasCon, hands down, was the celebration of Rob Benedict’s birthday. We’ve talked with most of the cast more than once about how they have all become bonded, as much from the experience of hitting the road and doing conventions together as from working together on Supernatural. Some of the actors never even shared the small screen, but they’ve become close friends after spending weekends together and singing karaoke together and travelling the world together to meet the fans. That closeness was evident as Jared, Jensen, Misha, Tahmoh and Richard surprised Rob on the day of his actual birthday.

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