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So You Wanna Go To Comic Con…Supernatural and More at SDCC14!

July 29, 2014

panel boys2

Two of the most pivotal chapters of Fangasm take place at the four days of contained (mostly) insanity that is Comic Con – and yes, I mean that in (mostly) a good way. We began our wild roadtrip through Supernatural fandom at Comic Con, wide-eyed and overwhelmed, newbies in every way imaginable. On our first visit, I spent most of the time either grinning like a fool at being immersed in a place where geeks were the majority and it seemed like everyone was okay with being who they were, or catastrophizing about failing once again to meet the elusive Jensen Ackles. Kathy spent most of the time shaking her head at both my smiling and nail-biting. We schemed and planned and stood in endless lines and met some wonderful Supernatural fans who are still our friends today. The nail biting finally ended in the glorious moment when I managed to say two words to Jensen, but suffice it to say, there was no way the smiling was going to end for a very long time after that. Much to Kathy’s amusement.

The next time we went back, a year later, it was a vastly different experience. We were writing a book on Supernatural, escorted past security and invited upstairs to the WB booth to meet with Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble. Instead of fighting our way through the throngs of people frantically trying to catch a glimpse of Jensen, we were looking down from the booth and hugging him and Danneel afterwards, and feeling like the luckiest fangirls in the history of ever. Of course, if you’ve read Fangasm, you know that our good luck didn’t exactly last, but that’s another story.

So returning to Comic Con, with all that history, was an emotional experience.

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Fangasm Comes to Comic Con – With Supernatural Giveaways!

July 12, 2014
Photo by Chris Schmelke

Photo by Chris Schmelke

We’re so excited to be returning to Comic Con this year – and this time, we’re bringing our books! Our adventures at Comic Con are part of the story of Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls, from the endless hours of waiting in line, the meticulous scheming and the mad dash to get into the hall one year, to feeling like the luckiest fangirls in the world the next, behind the scenes at the WB booth with Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble (and surprise Jensen Ackles).

So it’s especially fitting that we’ll be bringing Fangasm to Comic Con, along with Cinequest. Come by and pick up your copy!

And that’s not all! We’re welcoming Supernatural back to Comic Con (is it really for the tenth time??) with the book launch for our new book, Fan Phenomena: Supernatural! This will be our first time offering Fan Phenomena for sale at a venue instead of online, and we’re ridiculously excited about it. Stop by the Cinequest booth on the Comic Con floor and join our celebration!

And what’s a celebration without some free Supernatural swag?! To celebrate the release of Fan Phenomena, we’re giving away signed copies of our books — autographed by Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr. and lots more of your favorite Supernatural actors. You can enter by scanning your badge at the Cinequest booth.

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Supernatural Ghost Hunting with Chad Lindberg

June 24, 2014

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We caught up recently with one of our favorite Supernatural guest actors, Chad Lindberg, who played fan favorite Ash in multiple seasons of Supernatural. As far as we know, Ash is still holding down the fort in Heaven, waiting for the Winchesters’ next visit or perhaps waiting for Cas to get things straightened up upstairs. We’re hoping we see more of him in SPN soon. It was our first time meeting his girlfriend Amanda Hall, and can we just say, she’s awesome?

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Supernatural Giveaway! Signed Copies of “Fan Phenomena: Supernatural” and More Hellatus Busters

June 10, 2014
Come and get it!  Photo by Chris Schmelke

Come and get it! Photo by Chris Schmelke

How’s everyone faring as we go into our third week of Supernatural Hellatus?

I’m still trying to piece myself back together after the emotional devastation of the season finale. The amazing finale-themed fanvids have been cathartic (and have used up every single box of tissues in the house) and the amazing fanart and fanfiction has been therapeutic, and sightings of our boys out and about and looking gorgeous have been helpful. We’re especially looking forward to Misha’s appearance on “Whose Line Is It Anyway” next week, which is sure to cheer us up.

But let’s face it, Tuesdays just aren’t the same. If the postings seen around social media are any indication, we’re all struggling (If one of these creative gems is yours, tell us so we can credit you!)

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Supernatural’s Kim Rhodes Gets Flustered by Jared and Jensen, Loves the SPNFamily, and Basically Wins the Internet

June 8, 2014

vegas and dccon 395

In honor of Kim Rhodes’ birthday today, we’re sharing a lovely chat we had with Kim over lunch at the recent Creation convention in Washington D.C., shortly after she had returned to Supernatural for the Robert Berens’ penned episode, “Alex Annie Alexis Anne.” Much like our previous chats with Kim, the conversation went from serious to silly and back again, and we left feeling inspired. Kim has a way of doing that, doesn’t she?

Before we asked Kim about her filming of the recent episode and were treated to some inside scoop on both her character and costars Jared and Jensen’s naughty antics, we asked about the fundraiser for her daughter’s school that Supernatural fans had helped with.

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Still Believing – Supernatural’s Season 9 Finale

May 22, 2014

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Season 9 has had me all over the map, as you’ve seen from my weekly episode reviews here – some things I’ve loved, some things I’ve hated – so I didn’t know what to expect of the season finale. I couldn’t help remembering some finale episodes in the past, especially the ones that left me gutted and unable to think about anything else for days (weeks?) afterwards. All Hell Breaks Loose….No Rest For The Wicked….Swan Song….I still can’t watch those episodes without reaching for the tissues. Last season’s finale was also powerful, both for Sam and Dean’s moment in the church and for the gorgeous shot of falling angels that closed out the season. Would Season 9 end with a bang like these, or would the strange pacing and sometimes disconnected storylines diminish its impact?

By the time yesterday rolled around, I ended up pretty excited – and more than a little nervous. Much of what amped up my anticipation was how excited Jared, Jensen and Misha seemed to be about the finale. At DCCon, when I asked Jensen if he was happy about where Dean’s storyline ended up this season, he said something so provocative (“Oh wow. They went there”) that I ended up eagerly awaiting the finale too. Then at the Upfronts, the boys said over and over that they were shocked by the ending, in a good way. So by 9 pm, I was so anxious I couldn’t even sit still to watch the damn show!

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Tears in Heaven – Supernatural 9.22

May 15, 2014
credit mishnjay

credit mishnjay

The penultimate episode of Supernatural Season 9 shook up fandom – that part is nothing new. Just about every season, the last few episodes destroy most of us emotionally, in one way or another. We’re used to it. We prepare for it, stocking up on tissues and some good wine and making sure we have our support systems at the ready. This week’s episode, however, shook up fandom in a different way, splitting it down the middle and sending fans scrambling to make their feelings known to TPTB — and in some cases, turning on fellow fans.


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